25 April 2016

Tale of Tales

Director : Matteo Garrone
Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Release Date : May 14th, 2015 (ITALY)
Running Time : 2 hours and 13 minutes
Casts :
· Salma Hayek as Queen of Longtrellis
· Vincent Cassel as King of Strongcliff
· Toby Jones as King of Highhills
· John C. Reilly as King of Longtrellis
· Shirley Henderson as Imma
· Hayley Carmichael as Dora
· Bebe Cave as Violet
· Stacy Martin as Young Dora
· Christian Lees as Elias
· Jonah Lees as Jonah
· Laura Pizzirani as Jonah’s Mother
· Franco Pistoni as Necromancer
· Jessie Cave as Fenizia

Three fairy tales revolve around a king (John C. Reilly) who must slay a sea monster, a giant flea and a womanizing ruler (Vincent Cassel) who's in for a surprise.

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